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Solidago goldenmosa Golden Rod


Autumn to Spring

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Golden Rod is a perennial which grows to a height of about six feet and flowers in the autumn. It is best grown in large clumps as a back border plant. The flowers seems to last for a long time because the seed carries the petals for a long time. It dies down every year to its roots after frost. It gradually expands every year and I have to reduce it every two years or so. The nice thing about this perennial is that it flowers late when most plants are taking a rest. The flowers and seeds of this plant can be eaten and one species S.virgaurea is used as a traditional kidney tonic. It is the state flower of the U.S. states of Kentucky (adopted March 16, 1926) and Nebraska (adopted April 4, 1895)

S_solidago_goldenmosa-c_golden_rod S_solidago_goldenmosa-c_golden_rod[2]

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