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Leucanthemum vulgare Ox Eye Daisy[2]


Summer to Winter

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This plant can sometimes be considered to be a weed. It spreads by rhizomes and gradually gets larger every year. It flowers late in summer, but when it does it flowers for a long time giving these wonderful daisy type flowers. It is best when grown in a large clump as here. It needs a period of growth after flowering and prefers a sandy or looses soil that is not too wet in winter. It easily reaches 3 feet(1mtr) and grows in an upright self supporting manner.

S_leucanthemum_vulgare-c_ox_eye_daisy-dup2 S_leucanthemum_vulgare-c_ox_eye_daisy[2] S_leucanthemum_vulgare-c_ox_eye_daisy[3] S_leucanthemum_vulgare-c_ox_eye_daisy[4]

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