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Stapelia gettliffei Carrion Flowers


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This is another plant from South Africa. It is a succulent that is very easy to grow. It should flower great regularity if the conditions are right. Like many succulent it seems to prefer a slight lowering of temperature when the summer has past and bright light at all times to initiate flowering. The 3" to 4" blooms are a beautiful mixture of purples and creamy yellow, with the edge of the petals covered by highly defined purple hairs. A dark 5-pointed star defines the flower's center. The blooms drape from the base of the spreading stems, with each flower lasting for a week. In nature these flowers have a smell which attracts flies to pollinate it hence its name. I do not find the smell to be strong enough to bother about. The stems have green angular stems with ribs that have vestigal leaves that look like spines.

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