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Dahlia Dahlia white[2]-DUP9.JPG


Autumn to Winter

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This semi-cactus type dahlia grows to about four feet(1.2Mtrs) and gave some large blooms. The long petiole made it good for cut flowers. Here it is shown taking over from the Sweet Peas on a west facing position. Slugs and snails are kept in check by spraying the underside of the leaves with liquid sluggit. I avoid slug pellets because of the other wildlife and pets. The slugs and snails seems to avoid sprayed plants and if they do eat them they die.

S_dahlia____-c_dahlia_white[2]-dup9 S_dahlia____-c_dahlia_white[2] S_dahlia____-c_dahlia_white_alva S_dahlia____-c_dahlia_white_pom_pom

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