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Ascelpias curassavica Ascelpias Curassavica


Summer to Autumn

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The flower of this plant reminds me of the Lantana tangerine, but the flowers are splaced out more. It is a tender plant that produces lots of seeds, which can be readily propagated. It can just about survive in a cold greenhouse for planting out the following year. The sap is milky and could be a skin irritant. In some countries it is a feared weed, because the seeds propagates like Willowhwerb.

S_ascelpias_curassavica-c_ascelpias_curassavica S_ascelpias_curassavica-c_ascelpias_curassavica[2]dup21 S_ascelpias_curassavica-c_ascelpias_curassavica[3]dup30

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