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Alcea rosea Hollyhock-Pink


Summer to Autumn

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There are many colours of Hollyhock which will grow in a wide variety of soil from poor to rich. Given rich soil this variety reached over ten feet with numerous branches and a long flowering time. At he moment it seems to be surviving the frost very well and I am hoping for a similar display this year. I cut it down low after the heavy frost season so that the new shoots, which are produced from ground level, can catch the sun and has a chance to regrow. Leaving the old growth until most of the frost has gone helps to protect the stump from which it regrows. Last year I had a white and this pink growing in the same spot next to each other. This year only the pink has flourished and the white has died.

S_alcea_rosea-c_hollyhock-pink S_alcea_rosea-c_hollyhock-white S_alcea_rosea-c_hollyhock[2] S_alcea_rosea-c_hollyhock[3]

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