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Frog_Spawn - Frog_spawn


Late Spring

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The number of frogs in my garden must be quite large. This Spawning is about half of what was in the jacuzzi after I left it open one winter before I put the motors in place. The winter rain filled it and the frogs started to use it instead of the pond. I kept these and fed them until they had hatched. At spawning time they are a nuisance for about a month. Then they dissapear in the undergrowth. Untill it is time to find a place to hibernate for the winter. They are useful creatures as they keep the pests of the plants in check which prevents me from using chemicals.

S_frog_spawn-c_frog_spawn S_rana_temporaria-c_wildlife_frog S_inachis_io-c_wildlife_peacock_butterfly S_arion_rufus-c_wildlife_slugs S_araneus_diadematus-c_wildlife_spider S_araneus_diadematus-c_wildlife_spider[2] S_vanessa_atalanta_wildlife_red_admiral S_cyanistes_caeruleus-c_wildlife_blue_tit S_erithacus_rubecula-c_wildlife_robin S_erithacus_rubecula-c_wildlife_robin[2] S_passer_montanus_c_wildlife_tree_sparrow

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