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Dahlia-pink - Dahlia____


Autumn to Winter

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This Dahlia grows to a height of 6 feet(2mtrs) all the time producing these lovely pink semi double flowers. The tubers do not seem to get too large as some Dahlia tubers do. Apart from staking it is a trouble free Dahlia. Because of storage shortage I leave them in the groung, covering the grown, until late winter when I dig them up and check their health.

S_dahlia____-c_dahlia-pink S_dahlia____-c_dahlia-pink[2] S_dahlia____-c_dahlia_white[2]-dup9 S_dahlia____-c_dahlia_white[2] S_dahlia____-c_dahlia_white_alva S_dahlia____-c_dahlia_white_pom_pom S_dahlia_orfeo-c_dahlia_red S_dahlia_orfeo-c_dahlia_red[2] S_dahlia_procyon-c_dahlia_procyon S_dahlia_procyon-c_dahlia_procyon[2] S_dahlia_bi_color-c_dahlia_red_white S_dahlia-____-c_dahlia-orange S_dahlia____-c_dahlia_yellow S_dahlia____-c_dahlia_yellow[2] S_dahlia____-c_dahlia_yellow[3] S_dahlia____-c_dahlia_orangered

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