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Mint_Bush[1].JPG - Prosthantera_rotundiflolia



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This Australian native has a strong, but pleasant smell when the leaves are crushed. There are a few species which are smaller and with white or pink flowers with the same smell. This one has grown to ablout 10 feet(3mtrs) in about four years and when in flower it is a magnificient sight. The leaves are also fine and delicate and does not totally block out the light. It is not fully hardy and a heavy frost will singe the leaves or may kill it. It also blends well with the Cercis flowering at the same time.

S_prosthantera_rotundiflolia-c_mint_bush[1] S_prosthantera_rotundiflolia-c_mint_bush[2]l S_prosthantera_rotundiflolia-c_mint_bush[3]l S_phrostanthera_cuneata-c_mint_bush

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