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Polyanthus____ - Primula____


Late Spring

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Polyanthus is a hardy perennial and member of the primula family that flower in early winter through to late spring and come in every color of the rainbow and mixtures thereof. They are popular for planting as a border around the edge of flower beds or planting between other shrubs and flowers for winter and late spring colors. Polyanthus are the best plant to plant this time of year as the rosette of leaves and flowers are sturdy and not easily damaged by spring storms. They can also take a lot of punishment and shade and recover for the winter.

S_primula_polyneura-c_primula_polyneura S_primula_candelabra-c_primula_candelabra S_primula_candelabra-c_primula_candelabra[2] S_primula____-c_polyanthus____

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