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Barberton_Daisy - Gerbera_jamesonii_red


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Another plant from South Africa. It grows and flowers well in late spring and summer in the garden over here. Although classed as an annual I have overeintered the white variety in the ground for some years now. the frost kills the leaves but the roots regrow like a perinnial. It does not do so well the following year so I have taking to dig it up and overwinter it in the cold greenhouse.

S_gerbera_jamesonii_red-c_barberton_daisy S_gerbera_jamesonii_orange-c_barberton_daisy S_gerbera_jamesonii_orange-c_barberton_daisy S_gerbera_jamesonii_orange-c_barberton_daisy[3] S_gerbera_jamesonii_white-c_barberton_daisy S_gerbera_jamesonii_yellow-c_barberton_daisy

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