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This page as updated on 20th October 2014

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The Tropical Hibiscus is still producing red and White blooms and looking great. The Abutilon Megapotamicum is also still producing flowers and are being predated by snails, but it is a large climber and can cope with this predation. The Small Bell type Abutilum near the fish pond is also in full bloom. The Bougainvillea is still flowering its heart out in the back garden and even though the season is nearly at an end the front garden still looks reasonable.

Hibiscus1014 Abutilonr1014 Abutilonmega1014 Bougainvillea1014 Frontgdn1014
The Pink Brugmansia is in full bloom again as is the White variety The Yellow one is still struggling, but has some flowers. The variegated Variety is also covered in blooms. The evening scent is great in the garden at the moment. The Solanum Wendlandii is almost finished flowering and I will have to bring it inside soon. A job I do not relish due to the recurved thorns.

Brugmansiap1014 Brugmansiaver1014 Brugmansiaw1014 Brugmansiay1014 Solwend1014
The Achema has produced a second flower and I will have to bring it inside soon before the frost. The Red and White Fuschia are still flowering well and finally the pendulus Fuschia has finally start flowering. The Anemonies are just finishing flowering and my Epiphyllum cacti is about to flower again.

Achema1014 Fuschiaw1014 Fuschiapend1014 Epiphyllum1014 Anemone1014
The nastursums hare scrambling all over everything at the moment and look great covering the front brick fence, The Lantana at the back is still flowering well. The Canna has finally flowered and is a great shade of red.The False Sea Onion is nearing the end of its flowering and has produced lots of seeds. The Dahlias are still flowering well.

Nastursum1014 Lantana1014 Canna1014 Falseseaonion1014 Dahliapink1014
In the pond the Umbrella grass has come through the winter and is growing very tall. Several Sho-Fly plants has sprung up and are flowering about the garden. The trailing rosemary is in full bloom and will be so right through the winter until next summer. The Spiders are extra large this winter. They must have been hovering up many pests over the year. The Oxalis has spread from the edging and is about to engulf the pathway to the pond.

Umbrellagrass1014 Shofly1014 Rosemary1014 Spiders1014 Oxalis1014
The sweet peppers have done well this year and so have the chillies and the Romano peppers. The Scot Bonet peppers have given a large crop which i will chop up and put in the freezer. The peppers look great above the front door. Time to crop them.

Sweetpepper1014 Scotbonnett1014 Romano1014 Chilli1014 Peppersb1014
There are still lots of tomatoes to crop. I have also cropped the lavender seeds in order to make potpourri. The gogi berries have not produced well again and I must be doing something wrong. The banana has shot up and is not about 8 feet tall in a small pot. The Lemon tree still has many lemons ready to crop.

Tomatoes1014 Banana1014 Gogiberry1014 Lavender1014 Lemon1014
The weather has been very mid and I am still cropping several things from the garden. The Physalis is still cropping well. The Olives are swelling and there are many on the tree. The runner beans are giving up their last crop. The hazelnut are producing catkins in readiness for fruiting next year and I have pulled the last Aubergene.

Physalis1014 Olives1014 Runnerbeans1014 Hazelnut1014 Aubergene1014

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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