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This page as updated on 22nd July 2014

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After my first open day my neighbour Bill and friends joined me in the jacuzzi and a great time was had. On the front bay roof the Lemon and Apple tree is attracting many passer-byes. In the back garden the Lantana is finally in full bloom.

Jacuzzib0714 Lemon0714 Lantana0714
The Front garden which is food fruits and herbs this year have finally started to grow well since the warm weather has taken over. It does not have as many nastursums as usual, but it still looks better than I thought it would. The herbs in the pots along the fence are growing well and some have been used in cooking. The tropical hibiscus is continuing to flowring the back garden and I have finally finished repairing the Jacuzzi and tried it out.

Frontgdn0714 Gerroxan0714 Herbs0714 Hibiscus0714 Jacuzzzi0714a
The Bird of pParadise are flowering well in the garden. This year I have had many flower spikes with their wonderful flowers. The Bourgainvillea is also flowering well with its purple flowers. The Brugmansias, both white and pink are producing lots of blooms which gives a wonderful scent in the evenings.

Birdofpar0714 Birdofpar0714b Bourgainvillea0714 Brugmansia0714 Brugmansia0714b
The blueberries are nearly finished and I had a bumper crop from such a small plant. They were nice large and juicy. Another fruit to pick doing my rounds of the garden.The grapes in the greenhouse are just ripening which is late for this time of year. The ones outside are about another month behind, but will ripen by September. The Physalis from last year have taken off and is fruiting well. I look forward to fruits later in the year. The fuchsias in the garden and pots are covered in flowers of several colours. The Climbing rose Oklahoma is still flowering.

Blueberr0714 Grapes0714 Physalis0714 Fuschia0714 Oklahoma0714
The Tomatoes in the hanging basket are fruiting well. I am pleased as it almost dried out completely as the automatic watering system drip feed had gotten blocked. The tomatoes in the ground are swelling well. The Front pots are looking good with Custard squash and cucumbers growing out of them. The Custard squash are fruiting well and the cucumber have been finally allowed to set fruit after letting it grow to a good size.

Tomatobask0714 Tomato0714 Frntpot0714 Custarcsq0714 Cucumber0714
In the front garden the Zuccini is fruiting well and so are the courgettes. The pear tree has some fruits on but many had dropped off this year and only about five pears have set and are growing. The peaches on the other hand have set many fruits and are getting larger every day. The strawberries are still producing fruits on the front gate post and at the back.

Zuccini0714 Courgett0714 Pears0714 Peaches0714 Strawberries0714
It is now just after my first open day and I am now having time to update this website. The peppers above the front door are growing well, but I find that most of my plants are about a month behind due to the long, cold, wet weather we have had over the past few months. On a sunny day I tried to capture the clouds through my teardrop artwork in the garden. After a long time asking my friend Dickon has finally given me a Musa basjoo the hardy banana and I hope to have it growing well next year. In the fish pond the Houttuynia is flowering.

Peppers0714 Teardrop0714 Musa0714 Moth0714 Huttinia0714

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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