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The morning Glory (Ipomea tricolor is now flowering at its peak. By the way the Lily Pond at Kew Gardens is looking great at the moment. The Achmea has finally pushed one of its flower head above the leaves I am still waiting the rest of the flower heads to do the same. I hope it has time to do so before the winter. The Kahali Ginger has finally opened one of its flower head. Another surprise was my Bat plant which is sending up another flower head.

Mglory907 Lilypond907 Achmea907 Kahiliginger907 Batplant907
Most of my life I have grown up hearing about Henry Moore and his sculptures. I have never understood many of them and in an effort to understand them more (Ha Ha). I went to Kew garden's Exhihition of most of his work. Kew Garden is a world heritage site and is worth a visit at any time of the year. This weekend in September the sun was shining and the weather is about to change to being cold. Just walking around the gardens is a calming and pleasant experience. Next month they are putting up what has become an annual event The Ice Rink outside the temperate greenhouse. Coming back to Henry Moore Seeing touching and feeling his gigantic works of art was a pleasure. His art work was made to be exhibit in the open and what better place to show these mega sculptures. I have picked five pictures that I took on this visit. His exhibition continues until March 2008. Even if you are not into art a visit will be worth while.

Hmoorea907 Hmooreb907 Hmoorec907 Hmoored907 Hmooree907
This last weekend (15 & 16th of September) was the open doors weekend, when many public buildings were open to the public. The Kew Herbarium was open to the public and also at Kew Garden until March 08 is the Henry Moore Exhibition. I spent about two hours talking to the scientists and artist and taking some pictures inside this listed building. Everyone seems to have enjoyed their visit. I bought some reporductions of a couple of the artist and some postcards of the same. These drawings of plants and seeds by Rachel Pedder-Smith and Lucy T Smith were stunning. Perhaps you might like to visit their website at or contact I have included some scanned images of their work here. The work being carried on at Kew Herbarium is extremely important to the world. It would take too much time to tell all I was privy to on this visit, but if you get a chance to visit like I did, jump at it. All the scientist and staff at the Herbarium was so helpful many thanks for the open day. They even managed to ID a plant for me that I was trying for a year. The Herbarium is expanding to new buildings next to the present building. I do hope they keep this Hunter House (formally the residence of The King of Hanover until 1851) building for VIP visits. The additions in 1877 as you can see was done in style.

Herbariuma907 Herbariumb907 Rainforest907 Legume907 Afzelia907
My Tree Fern is looking good with all the other plants hung around the trunk. The plants are doing a service to the Tree Fern as they prevent the sun from drying out the trunk. It gets dry very quickly when the trunk is exposed. The Golden rod is in full flower, but the Slugs has had a very good year. Removal of the water butt in order to fix a leak and the fence. The Lantana is looking geat.

Treefern907 Goldenrod907 Slugs907 Waterbut907 Lantana907
My Solanum Wendlandii are still giving a splendid display and so are many of my other plants. I was driving around Waltham Forest and took several pictures of other gardens in the area that are worth looking at.

Solanumwendlandii907 Fillibrook907 Churchrd907 Forestrd907
At times like today I understand is why I find gardening so relaxing, exciting and wonderful. The year as been very topsy-turvy with a cold, wet June-July and a normal August and now September. This has meant that many of my plants are about at least one month behind in flowering. I was wondering whether my Aechmea fasciata would flower. It had put on a spurt of growth over the last two months that it may well fall off the Tree fern. Today I put my finger in one of the urns and felt something like small leaves. I had to take a mirror and look inside as it is too high for me to reach. What a surprise I saw at least four flowers coming up. I can't wait until they push above the leaves. What a sight it will be. The garden is still looking good for September. The ginger lily (Kahali lily) has several flower buds coming through. Another pleasant surprise was pulling back the curtains in the front room and finding that an Orchid I bought without knowing the type was in full flower. The front window-sill seems to be the perfect place to grow Orchids. It gets warm during the day when the central heating is on and cold at night when the curtains are closed. It is South facing, but is shaded by many plants and trees in the front garden and therefore it receives mainly indirect light. The humidity can also be controlled as the Orchids are in trays. Some of the other Phalanopsis orchids are still flowering well.

Frontgarden907 Vaseplant907 Cattleyaorchid907 Kahalilily907 Orchid907

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Happy gardening

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