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This page as updated on 28th February 2014

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Having now found the camera which was under the car seat. The Grevillea is covered in flower buds and as the weather has been so mild it is unlikely to suffer from frost damage and I am looking froward to a great show of its bright red flowers. The Osteospernum has also survived the winter and is in flower, but this is last years growth and it will soon be pruned back hard to produce fresh strong growth. On the front fence the Hardy Cyclamens are in flower. They will soon be dug up to make way for food crops. Pobably beetroot and or Kohl Rabi. Inside the Lady's Slipper orchid has sent up two more flowers and the Cattleya is in full bloom.

Grevillea0214 Osteospern0214 Hardycycla0214 Papedium0214 Catleya0214
Finally Found my camera. It was under the car seat. Anyway for February the Bird of Paradise plant is sending up several flower spikes and this might be the best so far. The Heleborus or Christmas Rose is in full flower. It is late as it is in a shaded place. The front and Back gardens are in a great mess as all the plants in the front and back gardens are being dug up and replanted. This is because the display in the front garden is going to be food, fruits and Herbs. The Hydrangea has now been pruned and split into two plants. It si shooting new growth rapidly. I have planted it in ericaceous soil in the hope of blue flowers this year.

Birdofpar0214 Heleborus0214 Frontgdn0214 Backgdn0214 Hydrangea0214

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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