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This page as updated on 26th August 2007

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This picture shows the LED solar lights in the evening. The four solar lights lasts for a few hours in the evening and give enough light to see by. We had a very funny time with the jacuzzi after using too much washing up liquid to produce bubbles.

Donjacuzzi807 Yasmin1 Yasmin2
Ever since installing the jacuzzi I wanted to avoid any possibility of coming into contact with electricity. Although the switches were waterproof I did not like the idea So I have retro fitted air control switches to control the circulation, jets, air pump and heater. I must now label each button. The next thing is to transfer the LED indicator lights to a panel that can be read from the pool. Thats for another day. I have also fitted solar lights to the inside of the jacuzzi and in the late evening light they look marvelous. The Orchids are now in full flower in the back conservatory. These Phalanopsis orchids may cost around £ 8 upwards, but they flower for so many months that they are worth every penny. The Front garden is looking better now than on the Open Day.

Jacuzzi1 Jacuzzi2 Jacuzzi3 Orchid807 Frontgarden807
I sometimes have to bring myself down to earth after always getting compliments about my garden and by going around to my friends Dicon's house I note his Tree Fern and Bananas and many other very specialised plants he collects. I see I have a lot to learn. These next few pictures show His Tree fern and Bananas in his garden around the corner to me. He often gives me offshoots and seeds of his plants many of which you do not see in nurseries.

Dickintreefern Dickintreefern2 Dickinbananatree1 Dickinbananatree2 Dickinbananatree3
Well I have finished Franks van and I surprised myself a sit started first time. The garden is looking much better than on the open day as many new plants have come in to flower. At long last the Skyflower is producing flower buds. I cant wait until all of them are in full flower. Next year I will have to try and keep it warmer for longer. I also have a cutting from last year that is now well rooted. The Marigolds mixed looks great along the pathway. The Hemp Agrimony has only one flowering stem.

Skyflower Frenchmarigold Hempagrimony Verbena807 Anemone
I am trying to do this blog to inform every one about the open days and the monies raised for the NGS Charity, which supports many charities like the Macmillan nurses, Cancer researh and gardening charities. It will take me some time as I have much work that I have left undone and I am trying to get up to date now the show is over. This year the Total monies raised is £ 619 this breaks down approximately as follows £ 300 entrance fees £ 65 teas, cakes etc., £ 154 plants sale. My thanks to all those that bought plants, teas and cakes. Most of the people that came were new visitors and everyone that I spoke to said that they enjoyed their visit. Hazel's demonstrations of Pergamano and her art displays were a hit with visitors. Many visitors were mesmerised with the plasma display of pictures of plants and flowers from the garden. The display was generated by Apple TV's screen saver with my pictures used instead of the ones that came with the screen saver. My garden always surprises me almost every time I spend time admiring it. I did not see this peach until Kwame pointed it out on the day of my garden open day. It made very good eating. This year I was not vigilant enough to pollinate the flowers of the peach in the front garden during its March flowering period. Next year I must do better. Now the show is over I am catching up on Franc's van.

Peach807 Baytreefruits807 Mgloryplumbago Dragonarum807 Francsvan

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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