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This page as updated on 31st July 2013

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The Japanese Anemone is at last flowering in the back garden also the Lilies are in flower. The outside grapes are swelling up, but the grapes inside are ripening. The persicaria is attracting bees with its racemes of red flowers.

Anemone0713 Grapesb0713 Grapes0713 Persicaria0713 Lilly0713
The petunias are looking great and have not reached its peak as yet. At the back the Hoya has also started to flower and the Pinguicular is floweriing as well. The climbiing ross is covered in a mass of red flowers and the Roxanne geranium is in full bloom, but not as large as I would like.

Petunia0713 Hoya0713 Roseoklahoma0713 Roxanne0713 Tillansia0713
In the front garden the bougainvillaea is now flowering. the Iochroma has been flowering all through the winter and is now outside. Although it is flowering and producing new leaves it is not as vigorous as it usually is. I believe this is because it needs to be in a bigger pot, but it is already in my largest pot. Something must give soon. The front of the house is at last looking good and fully planted even though I can find space for one or two more plants. The Hydrangea is looking great with its pink flowers. The Solanum Wendlandii is also in full flower in the front garden.

Bourgainvillea0713 Iochroma0713 Frontgdn0713 Hydrangea0713 Solwend0713
The Blueberries are doing great and I hope the birds do not eat them all before I can get to them. The pear and the apples are doing well and the Physalis (Cape gooseberries have finally sending out fruits, The Leucanthemum Phyllis-Smith is providing a great display in the front garden,

Blueberry0713 Pear0713 Apples0713 Physalis0713 Phylissmith0713
In the front garden both Day lilies are flowering well despite being in deep shade. The hardy geraniums are flowering well and most of the Fuchsia are recovering and also flowering well. Next door Hebe is in full flower. It is nice to see it doing so well after the past couple of years when it almost died. The Hypericum in the back garden is covered in flowerbuds and will provide a great display.

Daylilya0713 Daylilyb0713 Geranium0713 Hebe0713 Hypercicum0713
In the back garden the calla lilies are finally flowering . this is very late for this plant and is due to the very cold spring we have just experienced. Almost every plant or tree is playing catch up and the Scabious, Fuchsia bolivinia, primula and Spirea is no exception.

Calla0713 Scabious0713 Fuschiabol0713 Primula0713 Spirea0713
The Olives are just flowering, but the loganberries are almost past their best fruiting. I did not get out to pollinate the plums and consequently only a few fruit have set. The grape vine needs pruning and I must do this in the next few days. The figs have dropped it first set of fruit and are now producing new fruit I do hope they will ripen before the season is over. The cherries have done well this year and I am eating the last few left on the tree. This year the birds have not spotted them and I have had a good crop of cherries.

Olives0713 Plum0713 Grape0713 Fig0713 Cherries0713

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