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Inside the Cattleya orchid surprised me with a magnificent flower that scent the front room. The Clivia at the back is only just opening its flowers. In the front garden the Hydrangea has been in leaf for some time now and a few of the leaves has been singed by the frost. The Oxalis which has also be in leaf some time is getting ready to start its long flowering season. The Agapanthus is poking itself through despite the frost. At last I have found time to go outside and shred all the prunings I have done in the garden. These will go into the compost bin after I have spread last years compost from the bin.

Cattleya290313 Clivia290313 Hydrangea290313 Oxalis290313 Shredder290313
My Hyacinths are just into flower. The Daffodils in the flowerbeds at the ends of the road are now just flowering. In the garden the Grevillea juniper has survived the long hard winter and are covered in flowerbuds.The trailing Rosemary is still flowering well despite the cold. The Camelia a few houses down are covered in buds and a few flowers. Hopefully it will be drier from now on so the flowers are not spoilt.

Hycinth290313 Flowerbed280313 Grevillea290313 Rosemary290313 Camelia290313
Its now March and only a couple of weeks left to do any pruning to get deciduous trees, shrubs and vines ready for the coming year. Last years dead materials should be removed from perrennials as they are starting into growth now. Because the winter has been long many trees that should be flowering has not as yet started. The Nectarine and peach trees normally is finishing flowering by now. So also should be the pears tree and the cherry. The Acacia which normally starts to flower in February is only now just started to flower.

Nectarine290313 Pear290313 Cherry290313 Acasia290313 Agapanthus290313

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