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This page as updated on 31st August 2012

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The Japanese anenomes are in full flower and is always a delight to see in the garden. On the bay roof the petunias are flowering their hearts out and are looking great. The Dutchman's pipe is also still flowering in the corridoor leading to the garden. The Pond Lily Cactus has also started to flower again in the back conservatory and the pomegranite might have set its first pomegranite as this flower has been on for a couple of weeks now.

Anenome0812 Dutchpipe0812 Petunia0812 Pondlilycactus0812 Pomegranite0812
The first tortisshell butterfly of the year was seen on Wednesday. The Morning Glory is also gradually covering the frame over the gateway. The Sky flower is at last started to flower.

Tortishell0812 Morngloryst0812 Skyflower0812 Begonia0812 Iochroma0812b
I have beeen passing the corridoor several times on tuesday and did not noticed the Aristolocia or dutchmans pipe was in flower. All of a sudden I looked up to be facing a very pleasing sight. The Bronze Lobelias at the front gate is also s[lendid in bright red against the blue of the gate and the green of the nastursums. The Angels trumpets have been flowering their hearts out and scenting the front garden and pavement in the evenings. And the Skyflower is at last started to flower.

Dutchpipec0812 Dutchpipeb0812 Dutchpiped0812 Brugmansiaw0812 Lobeliab0812
The Solanum Wendlandii is flowering its haert out and giving a magnificient display between my and my neighbours house. The Lantana in the front garden is now in full flower and looking great. The front garden is nearing its peak and I think is looking great. The Iochroma also in the front garden is magnificent. The Nastursums has finally taken over the front fence and is flowering its heart out.

Solwend0812 Lantana0812 Frontgdn0812 Iochroma0812 Nastursum0812
My Globe Artichoke is looking very unwell and I have had to dig it up and replace it with this new Banana. I am told it is hardy and does produce bananas. I wait to see. The insect box I put up a couple o years ago is being used with gusto and many leaf cutter bees are in residence. These bees do do a little damamge to some plants, but it is nothing to worry about. The plum tree is laden with golden plums and Ilook forward to a good crop. My next doors Mock Acasia (Robina) is looking great as it nearly reaches its peak growth for the year. Our resident artist has started painting a new flower a pink Zanthedescia.

Banana0812 Insectbox0812 Plums0812 Mockacasia0812 Zanthedescia0812
The persicaria in the back garden is covered in bees collecting nectar. The wax plant is in full flower in the conservatory. It scents the whole house in the evening. The Leucanthemum Phylis-Smith is giving a great display in the front garden. At the back the Vodo lilies are finally in full leaf and looking goood. The hydroponics are not doing very well and I must look into the fertilisers I use for it.

Persicaria0812 Waxplant0812 Leucantpsmth0812 Vodolily0812 Hydroponics0812
August and the garden is betting better and better as the weather finally warms up. The white brugmansia has finally started to flower. As the main plant in front of the window it should be in full flower at next Sunday show. The Lobelia has also finally started to flower. Inside the Dutchman's Pipe is also in bud. Will it be in flower on Sunday, I live in hope. The Phlox in the back garden is also at its peak flowering. In the evening it scents the garden. The Begonia southerlandii< Oxalis, and Geranium in the basket above the sink is also putting a great display.

Brugmanwhite0812 Lobelia0812 Dthmanspipe0812 Phlox0812 Begoniaoxalis0812

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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