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This page as updated on 28th May 2012

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The Brugmansia or Angels Trumpets are in flower inside and in the evening they scent whever they are. These will form the mainstay of my front garden display for the Open Days this year, which will be from July 17th to August 7th. The Pond Lily Cactus(Nopalxochia phyllanthoides) is in flower again this month. It has flowered every May for several years now. I am getting a big benefit from my neighbours Ceanotus which is in full bloom now. Inside the Dancing Ladies Orchis is in flower again as are many other orchids the front room is heavily scented with the scent from this orchid as well as several Phalanopsis and dendrobiums orchids.

Brugman0512 Pondlilyctus0512 Ceanotus0512 Danceladies0512 Orchids0512
Now that the weather is warming up the Lemons are enlarging and new flowers and fruits are being set. I have put several of these Oxalis out early in may and they have survived and should grow into a mass flowering plant by July. In the garden the Bottle Brush (Persicaria) is in full flower and the Grevillea Juniperia is continuing to flower well after it lost its flower to frost earlier in the year. The Strawberries are also flowering well and I look forward to many fruits later in the year.

Lemon0512 Oxalis0512 Greviljunip0512 Persicaria0512 Strawber0512
Its now May and I have just returned from a short holiday in Canada. So this is the first time I have had to update this website. Did the CN Tower Edge Walk. Very nerveracking at the start, but an experience I enjoyed. Especially as I has the instructor, a beautiful young lady, all to myself for about half an hour. The scenery from on top of the tower was fantastic. Photos on Facebook as soon as I can. Anyway back to gardening. The constant rain we have experienced in the past few weeks has helped me whilst I was away, but all my plants needs to go outside. Especially the Bird of Paradise as it has started to flower inside. The Spanish Bluebells are now in full bloom and are looking splendid. The Honesty in the front garden is also blooming well. The Chives are also blooming. Whilst on Holiday the Tulips have come and gone.

Birdofpar0512 Spanishblbs0512 Honesty0512 Chives0512 Tulip0512

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