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Its now nearly the end of April and before this months is out I feel Imust do some blatant advertising. Before I continue I was invited to the Love Your Borough Awards ceremony last Friday as I was one of the three top contenders for the best front garden in Waltham Forest. I did not win as the Wilsons from 6 Church road won again. Their garden can be seen under June 2009 blog ( Worthy winners they are too. Their garden always look spick and span all through the year. Their throphy was collected by Councellors Mark Rusling and Siama Ahmed. The Wilsons also won last year. I will have to up my game if I am to compete with them this year. I was invited to the Mallinson Restuarant in Waltham Forest College. I was impressed with the meal for around £18 for a 3-4 course meal. You can bring your own wine corkage at £5 per bottle. The food is cooked and served by the students under the instruction of their tutor chef. There are several more dates available before the restaurant closes for the colledge's summer break. The College also have a butchers shop on Thursday aboth 12noon. Quality meats of all kinds, which are prepared by the students learning their trade. I often go down to Columbia Road flower market on Sunday morning and see this fox sewing by the window and found out on Sunday that he is advertising his embroidery shop which is upstairs. In the garden The Tree Fern is which has been outside for a few weeks now has started to produce new leaves. My Pinguicular(Butterworth an insectivorous plant) given to me by my friend Dickon is flowering. This is not an easy plant to grow as when it dies down you can easily throw away the pot, even though it is still alive in a pseudobulb. The Amaryllis is now fully opened and looking great.

Mallinson0412 Foxcolumbiard0412 Pinquiclula0412 Treefern0412 Amaryllys0412b
In the conservatory the the Lemon tree is loaded with lemons and have survived the cold of winter. The Bird of paraidse has about five flowerheads that will soon burst. I will soon be putting it outside for the summer. I am waiting for the temperature outside to warm up a little more. The Amaryllis is also about to burst into flower. Last year I dug up my Physalis(Cape Gooseberry) and brought it inside. I am pleased that it is doing very well and I will have fruits much earlier this year. Especially as I plan to have the back garden packed with fruits for my Open Days in July/August. Inside at the front window the Dendrobium orchid and others are flowering.

Lemon0412 Birdofparadise0412 Amaryllis0412 Physalis0412 Orchids0412
April the 20th and the gardening year is really getting going. In my garden I started the pruning of the ivy on the fence and on the walls, before the rains arrived, so the garden is in a mess at the moment. These prunings will be shredded and added to the compost. And in a few months time I will have new compost to add to the garden. In the garden the Marsh Marigold, the Pleione, Spanish Bluebells and Apple trees are in full flower.

Backgdn0412 Mrshmarigold0412 Pleione0412b Apples0412 Sbluebells0412
April already; and I am back from my hols in Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt. A very pleasant place if you like westernised relaxing clean, safe place. The snorkling and diving was fab. You cannot sink in the water and 50ft from the beach front is wonderful coral fishes etc. The pyramids of Geza was also awesome. Pictures on my facebook page and when I get time on The weather here in London is barmy, but it is following its annual pattern and the usual cold snap that we experience every early April is about to happen. The warm spell that we have had in March is also usual, except that, this year, it was unusually warm for the time of the year. Consequently some plants have sprung into action and many are blooming early. The hardy Pleione orchids are in full flower and beautiful they look. The Grevillea Juniperia flowers has recovered from being frosted and prodduced many more, which will soon be fully opened. The Clematis armandii is also in full flower and scenting the garden with its sweet smell. Inside the Stephanotis is also scenting the back conservatory and at last the Cliveas are in full flower again.

Pleione0412 Grevillea0412 Clematis0412 Stephanotis0412 Cliviab0412

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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