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This page as updated on 20th March 2012

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The Daffodils have now fully opened and the front garden looks good. I expected it to look even better and am a little dissapointed, but it really cheers everyone up as they pass by. Somehow I think I could have planted more daffodils. It is a pity the frost had knocked back the yellow and purple Pansies which would have added to the effect. My next door's Magnolia has also reached its zenith in flowering and together with the daffodils this end of Maynard road looks great. The scented Ice Follies daffodils scent up my bedroom if I leave the window open. The plum is also coming into flower and adding to the effect.

Frontroof0312b Frontgar0312 Icefollies0312 Magnolia0312 Plums0312
The Crocusses on the front fence is making a splash of colour at this otherwise bleak time for the garden. The Daffodils on the bay roof is about to come out in full flower. and the wall pots with miniture daffodils is blooming well. The severe frost wh experienced has damaged many of the winter Pansies that I planted in the hanging bags. The Nectarine seems to have flowered a little early and I have been out there every day pollinating the flowers with a soft brush.

Crocus0312 Dafffs0312 Wallpot0312 Nectarine0312 Frontroof0312
March already and although the back garden is looking drab a lot has been going on. First of all the pruning has been done. I still have the Ivy to prune and the last years growth to remove from herbaceous perrennials. The pathway has been jetwashed to get rid of the winter moss. It has made a great deal of difference to the look of the garden It has brightened it up greatly. I have put the Tree Fern and the Asacia outside as most of the hard frost has gone, I think. This has allowed me more space inside the back conservatory. Gradually more of the hardier plants will be put outside right up to the end of April. All the time keeping an eye on the weather forcast to ensure there is no frost. Many plants, like the Bleeding heart are already shooting up. My Heleborous is still fowering. and needs the old leaves to be removed to allow new groth to flourish. The replacement Acasia is in full flower and although small at the moment it should grow quite large eventually. Finally all my last prunings have been shredded and put in the Compost bin. In a couple of weeks this will rot down to about half its bulk.

Backgdn0312 Bleedhrt0312 Acasia0312 Heleborus0312 Compostbin0312

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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