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This page as updated on 27th December 2011

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The year is nearly over only a few more days to go, but the garden still needs lots of work. Most decideious trees needs pruning between now and the end of February. Pruning is often particular to some plants as they flower on this years growth and in some plants timing is crucial to its flowering. I will soon start to attack my neighbours Robina tree or else it will become top heavy and may well blow over in the winter winds. The Grape vines will also be pruned and cuttings taken to provide new plants. The compost bin which was full to the brim two weeks ago has done its job and most of the newly added plant materials has already rotted down by half. Flowering now in the garden is the Abutilon megapotamicum and the winter Jasmine. I am planning an addition to this website which suggests things that should be done month by month, but I want my visitors to add their penny-worth about things that I have forgotten. Watch this space.

Robina1211 Grapevine1211 Compost1211 Abutilon1211 Wintjasmin1211
I decided to bring inside the Ensete which I thought I had planted in the ground. To my surprise I left it in the pot and was amased to find that the large growth was in so tiny a pot. Some of the roots had gone through the pot and into the soil therefore it did not need so much watering. Hope it survives until next year to become even larger. Another Moth orchid that has been flowering for some months is my pink variety. Now that the leaves of the Plum tree has fallen they can be seen through the front window. At the back the narrow leaved Clivia is flowering well. It usually flowers in February. The Tibuchina did not flower so well in the garden, but now I have brought it inside it is flowering better. The flower buds of the Birds of paridise has started into growth. I will have to nurture it until next spring Probably AApril when they open fully.

Ensete1211 Mothorpink1211 Clivia1211 Tibuchina1211 Birdsofpar1211
Nearly Christmas already. A lot of tidying up in the garden and bringing inside many plants to protect them from frost has been done. At this time of the year my orchids starts to bud up and flower, but the Moth Orchids has been in flower continiously for several months. Other Orchids like the Phapedolum and the Jewel orchids has started to flower. I think it is the chill of the window ledge when the curtains has been closed that helps them to make up thir minds to flower. In the garden after digging up many plants it is looking a little sad. Never mind there is always next years show to look forward to. Planning in my mind is already going on for next years display. I am thinking of putting most of the flowers out front this year and making the back garden a fruiting delight with all sorts of fruits.

Mothorwhite1211 Jewelorchid1211 Phapedo1211 Orchid2111 Backgdn1211

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