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This page as updated on 30th November 2011

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At this time of the year ponds are very cler and it is a good time to inspect fishes. At the moment I do not have to worry about freezing until about the first weeks of January. The Physalis is still producing many cape gooseberries. Last year I found that after forst the ripe fruits inside the pods were still very eadible. The Tree Fern has its umbrella over it and it will be kept outside until sometime in late December, unless the weather turns very frosty. I am not sure waht to do with my Ensete. I planted it in the ground and it has done very well reaching over 6 feet (2mtrs) I have put some bubble wrap around the base, but I think I may have to dig it up and bring it inside otherwise it may not survive the heavy frost later in the winter. The Smaller tree Fern and a few other plants are just covered with some bubble wrap. When the heavy frost arrives I will bring it inside along with the large one.

Fishpond1111 Physalis1111 Ferntree1111 Ensette1111 Bubwrptreefern1111
The Clivia thinks it is Spring and is flowering now. It normally flowers in February to March. The Christmas Cacti is also flowering early. The weather has been so mild many palnts seems to think it is Spring. Although I have now brought this large tree inside it is still floweriing. As long as I water it well it will continue flowering and growing. I have also brought inside my continious flowering Strawberry plant in the hanging basket. There are still some strawberries on the pant in the basket. Back in the garden the Arum itallicum is now pushing through now the HOstas has all died down for the winter.

Clivia1111 Christmascactii1111 Iochroma1111 Strawberry1111 Arumital1111
Time flies when you are busy. Noveber is nearly Over and I have not managed to update this website so far. So what has been hapenning. I have decided to do a spring show of mass daffodils and have been planting most of the pots and baskets with bulbs. I still have bulbs to plant and I am using a few winter pansies, yellow and purple, in the hanging bags. I have also been bringing inside many of the tender plants and getting ready to protect the ones outside from frost. THe weather so far has been very warm for the time of the year and I have been in shirt sleaves on some days. There are many more plants to be brought inside, and I must get them in a position for a quick round-up to bring inside. Planning for next years show has started, but has taken a back seat as I have been fighting the Local COuncil who is imposing Control Parking Zones(CPZ) in nearby roads. Although they are denying it, it is a money making scheme and they are doing everything they possible can, to force every road to have CPZ. CPZ is destroying the village and I am thinking of leaving this area if it comes in on my road. Therefore I am fighting it as best as I can. The Local Council is even not answering complaints and refusing to give out Freedom of information requests. Therefore I have sent my complaints tot he Local Government Ombudsman who has finally taken up my complaints. Much work left to be done. I note that the national press is finally sitting up and taking notice about the charges for CPZ as Barnet COuncil is really milking it with a charge of £4 if you have a visitor with a car. The BBC Inside Out is doing a piece on this on Monday the 29th Nov. They are calling it the new Poll Tax. What a rip off.
Back to gardening. The last of the food from the front garden went into a stew. It included Chilli peppers, Butternut, Zucca, Sicillian Squashes, Celery, celeriac, Brussels sprouts, Onions, Garlic, Peperino, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Apples. There is still plenty of Celery left over.

Winterprotection1111 Winterprotectionb1111 Frontgarden1111 Lastfood1111 Celery1111

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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