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This page as updated on 30th September 2011

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The Cucumbers by the front gate is still fruiting well and with the unexpected warm weather (30C) we have been experiencing this past week things in the garden is doing extra well and many plants are flowering for a second time this year. Inside several of the Phalanopsis orchids are in full bloomm. In the back garden the Nastursums have now completely taken over from the French Marigolds. The Ensete which I planted in a very shaded area is not about 7 feet tall. Finally the BOurgainvillea is also in full bloom.

Cucumber0911 Orchid0911 Nastursum0911 Ensete0911 Bourgainvillea0911
Well we have done it Walthamstow got a gold in the London in Bloom competition and for the third year running we won the best Urban Community. More can be seen on the Walthamstow in bloom Facebook page:-
We are now waiting for the Britain in Bloom Where we represented London in the Village section. We should Know in about a weeks time.
Well we did not get gold in the Britain in Bloom. No gold was issued and only two other places got a silver guilt. We got a silver. Still it is a very good effort from everyone involved. Special thenks must go to Helen Learner, Tereasa Deacon Graham Sherman and John Chambers the committee members.
Well it is nearly the end of September and many things are still flowering in the garden and many fruits are still to be eaten. The weather has been so topsy turvy that many plants think it is spring again and are flowering for the second time. The Lemon tree which is laden with fruits is flowering again. The Figs on the bay roof are ripening nicely and are very sweet. The Runner Beans are still producing well and a variety of Strawberry is still fruiting well. I will have to make sure these survive next year and propagate from it. The Celery is shooting up and must soon be eaten.

Lemon0911b Figs0911 Stbrry0911 Rbeans0911 Celery0911
Inside the Medinilla is still flowering and is looking exquisite. The Anemonies are now in full flower, although it is a little late because it is in a shady part of the garden. The Verigated Abutilon megapotamicum is also flowering well. My latest Fuchsia is at last flowering and the Persicaria flowers are covered in honeybees trying to get the last of the summer nectar to turn into Honey.

Medinilla0911 Anemone0911 Abutilon0911 Fuchsia0911 Persicaria0911
September and the days are flying past. Despite removing the Lemon tree from the front bay the garden still looks good and many things are still flowering well. I removed the Lemon tree as it was looking sad and I taught it was due to the cold. It turned out to be lack of water. The Nectarines are not ripe as yet, but still growing well. The runner beans are still producing well with lots of beans. The Pumpkin and other squashes did not do as well as expected and it is still trying to set fruit.

Frontgarden0911 Lemon0911 Nectarine0911 Runnerbns0911 Pumpkin0911

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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