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This page as updated on 30th April 2011

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My Blue Ginger (Dichorisandra thyrsiflora) which has started flowering inside since February is now in full flower and I have put it outside in the garden. Most of the vegetable plants for the front garden display are coming up well and will be put outside soon. As My large Agave has died I am going to replace it, in the dry area, for the show with this Cacti. Impressive isn't it. I might be using my lemon tree for the front garden show, not sure as yet. I have had to cut back my Fremontodendron californicum back to its trunk as it has caught a fungus over the winter. I am hoping against hope that it will re-sprout.

Bluegngr0411 Vegplants0411 Cacti0411 Lemon0411 Fremontdrn0411
Sorry for not updating this blog for so long, but the garden has been taking up all my time in April. The back garden is still like a bomb site, but gradually it is being planted out. The Chives in the front garden is in full flower and the thyme is about to come into full flowering. These two plants are forming part of my display for my open day in July. I made a visit to one of my favourite places to buy plants Columbia Road. It was packed to the brim. It looks like the fine sunny weather has brought out everyone. Whilst I was there I bought two more Orchids for my collection. One is a Cambria and the other is a zygopetalum i think. Both are in flower and are doing fine.

Chives0411 Thyme0411 Columbiard0411 Cambria0411 Zygopetalum0411
I was in another of my favourite places Columbia Road market this Sunday. There is always something new and although I did not have my camera I got my Iphone out and shot this fox enjoying the sunshine whilst watching the market traders and buyers. The Achema is looking a little overgrown and I will be pruning it back some in a day or so. I am back at Columbia Rd and wondering if it is a Vixen or a fox doing needlework. Whilst I was there I got a replacement for my now dead Australian Bottle Brush. The new one is in the front and the dead one is in the background. Another ten years to get back to that size. Oh well at least I made a start. The street scene in Columbia Road is cheered up by various buskers outside the bakery.

Columbrd0411 Achema0411 Vixen0411 Australbb0411 Colrdstscn0411
I just love this Vanda Orchid. It is like magic growing in air like the air plants Ttillansia. It is one of my favourite orchids, but very difficult to keep alive year after year. My Oncidium is Really giving a great show and soon my spider orchid will be doing the same. I have a new orchid for my collection, but I have lost its label so does anyone knows its name. I think it might be a Diabroughtonia Newcastle, but the colour is a little light. The Epiphyllium that has been flowering most of the winter is about to mass flower again. It looks as it will be the largest amount of flowers it will have to date. The Plieone is now in full flower. This hardy orchid survived outside above the pond. I was very worried that it might not have made it through as the winter was very harsh.

Vandab0411 Oncidium0411 Orchid0411 Epiphyllum0411 Plione0411
April and the last two weeks has been sunny and relatively warm, so I have done a lot of work in the garden. In the garden at the back the Acer has almost completely expanded its leaves and is looking good. The Heleborous is in full flower after a chopping back to ground level in the winter. It is flowering later than usual because of the Cutting back and the shady position it is in. The apple that will be in the front garden is now being pollinated by the large apple tree in the back garden. They are looking great covered in flowers. My tropical Fuchia is flowering although as it was inside until last week it is looking worse for wear. I must find out its proper name. Anyone knows its name I would be grateful if you would let me know. I got a shock when examining my grape vine inside the greenhouse. It was covered in scale insects that I did not noticed before.

Acer0411 Heleborus0411 Apple0411 Fuchsia0411 Grapescl0411

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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