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This page as updated on 22nd December 2009

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Despite the snow and cold some plants are willing to flower. Here the winter Jasmine is cheering up the garden. One or two Roses are also flowering one can be seen in the picture of the Winter Jasmine. Many Orchids are also flowering inside. The Jewel Orchid and a few Phalaenopsis Orchids have new flower shoots. From now until mid February is the time to prune most trees and shrubs If it is left too late and the weather warms up the tree sap will start to rise and when pruned the sap leakage will weaken the tree or shrub or vine. All prunings are shredded and either placed in the compost or used as a mulch for various plants.

Winterjasmin1209 Jewelorchid1209 Phaleanopsis1209 Mocacasia1209 Shredder1209
The Frost has finally arrived and killed off all tender plants in the garden. All the poor Nastursums have now succumbed to the frost. It has also snowed, which it has not done at this time for many years. I have covered many plants with sheeting to protect them from the worst of the frost so the garden looks very untidy. All the plants that needs protection from the frost has now been brought inside and it is now difficult to move around in the back conservatory. At this time of the year the pond water is very clear and the fishes can be checked for any signs of disease.

Nastursumb1209 Snow1209 Backgarden1209 Plantsinsideb1209 Koy1209
The Acasia has started to flower and will be in flower until February. The Christmas Cactii ave many flower buds waiting to flower at Christmas. The Abutilon is still flowering well. The Polygala is also still flowering and producing new buds. I will have to bring this plant inside for the winter. The hazelnnut shrub is covered in catkins which will gradually open from February onwards.

Acacia1209 Christmascactii1209 Abutilon1209 Polygala1209 Hazelnut1209
The Nastursums have been quietly taking over many areas of the garden. I leave these plants to do their own thing at this time of the year. Many Fuchsias are still flowering well even at this cold time of the year. The Brugmansias are still flowering, but looks a little shabby. The pink and white ones has seed pods that usually contains seeds. The Dahlias are now worse for wear, but are still flowering. The Apple tree is covered in scale insects and will have to be sprayed and this year I will give it a winter tar wash.

Nastursum1209 Fucshia1209 Brugmansia1209 Dahlia1209 Apple1209
Well what's been happening this month. I have spent all the spare time I had re-writing the website getting rid of minor bugs in the code. I have just finished getting rid of all the bugs that the programming languages managed to cope with. Tomorrow I will go out and take some pictures and update this blog. I hope you will forgive me for not doing so earlier. The Frost is nearly here and I have draped bubble-wrap over many tenser plants as I am not ready to take them inside as yet. Here the Ensette is covered in some bubble-wrap. Many plants have already been brought inside and are getting placed in their positions for the winter. The Cats Tail has done very well and is still flowering. I have had to split it as it was getting too large for the spot where it was in the garden. The Strelitzia is sending up many more flower buds since I brought it inside for the winter last month. The Australian Bottle Brush is flowering out of season as it normally does not first flower until early April.

Ensete1209 Plantsinside1209 Catstail1209 Strelitzia1209 Australianbb1209

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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