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This page as updated on 26th November 2009

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Well what's has been happening in the garden. I have been rewriting my website to solve the long blogs menu. I think I have just finished a moment ago. Now comes the testing before I upload it to my website. So far I have checked it in Firefox, Internet explorer and Safari and it works in all. I still need to make a few more tweaks before I upload it to my website. It has been a steep learning curve as I had to learn a lot more about Javascript, CSS and Ruby programming. The problem is exacerbated by each browser doing things differently and my coding having to cope with all types of browsers. If anyone has problems after I upload the new menu please inform me. Some older browsers might have some problems so please let me know of viewing problems you have. Now back to the garden and this blog. I will update the pictures in this month with text tomorrow I hope. The wind and rain we have been experiencing this last week or so have been playing havoc in the garden. The Agave had just been covered for the winter and the wind almost took the covering away. The winter Jasmine has started to flower. The Grevillea and the acasia has flower buds that will flower next year. The Cottonester red berries are waiting for the birds to devour, but in the meantime they are giving some colour in the garden.

Agave1109 Winterjasmine1109 Grevillea1109 Acasia1109 Cottonester1109
At last my trailing Rosemary has recovered enough to start flowering again. The Dahlias, Lantanas, Fuschias and Angels Trumpets and The lobelias although past their best are still producing a good show.

Rosemary1109 Dahlia1109 Lantana1109 Salvias1109 Lobelias1109
So what has been happening in the garden to date. Well the Hostas has died down and the Arum Itallicum is started into growth. The Marigolds had also died down and the Nastursums are taking over that spot. The Iochroma is flowering well so are the salvias. The trailing Abutilons are also flowering well. These bright red Salvia and Abutilon flowers stands out well at this green time of the year.

Hostas1109 Nastursum1109 Iochroma1109 Salvias1109 Abutilon1109
I managed to take Masafumi Yokoyama to Kew Gardens for a visit. It was a glorious day and we walked for hours seeing various Kew Gardens sights like the Japanese Gate, Queen Charlotte's house, various Old trees, The Marion North and Shirley Sheerwood Galleries were opened to visitors, along the way He spotted various fungi growing in the grass and in the green house various Orchids.

Kewjapgate1109 Qncharlothse1109 Kewtrees1109 Kewmushroom1109 Keworchid1109
The power of the internet is often brought home in many ways. My introduction to this power is when a visitor from Japan wished to visit my garden. Masafumi Yokoyama was on a walking holiday in Shropshire I think came to visit my garden in November. The wrong time I know, but he has changed career to a gardener so he should know about the seasons. I took him to visit 6 Church Rd and for a walk around Walthamstow village. The old historic 15th century house was unobscured by leaves and I was surprised to see a garden I never saw before that was 13 Orford Rd. I must see it again in the late Spring when it is in its glory. My front garden looks jaded, but is still pleasing to see.

Masafumi1109 Churchrdgdn1109 Orfordrdhouse1109 Orfordrdgdn1109 Frontgdn1109

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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