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This page as updated on 22nd January 2009

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The power of frost. There must have been some water inside the tap during the heavy frost we experienced over the past couple of weeks. The result is a tap extension which has been split asunder. I must remember to lag it next year. The pipes are lagged, but I never expected this strong tap to be affected. The Echium which has been growing in the Tree fern's trunk will flower next year as it has now grown to its flowering size. The plant will then die back and the Tree Fern will continue to grow. The next two pictures show it inside the conservatory and its stem coming from the Tree fern's trunk. It will look as if the Tree Fern is in flower with a 4 to 6 feet flower spike. The Daffodils are slowly pushing through the soil. My daffodils are planted late so I expect these will flower later than usual. The real heavy work in the garden will start in the next couple of weeks as I start to plan what plants I will be planting and sowing various seeds in the greenhouse. I wonder what the fruiting mango-like body on the Stephanotis will do over th coming months.

Frostedtap Echiuim109 Echium109b Daffodils109 Stephanotis109
Surprise, surprise. I am always being pleasantly surprised in my garden. Today I opened my upstairs window to check on the plants on the bay window and found that the Aeonium zwartkop was in flower. I have never seen this plant flower and usually grow it as a decorative plant. The trailing Rosemary is still flowering despite the frost. Without being predated by the snails as it is too cold for them the Acanthus is looking great. In the back garden foxes has been trying to dig a hole in the garden.The front of the house , which was looking so great during the Summer and Autumn now looks bleak and I will soon have to take down the grow bags and replant them.

Aeoniuim109 Rosemary109 Acanthus109 Foxhole109 House109
The really heavy frost I think has now passed us now and have left its mark on many plants in the garden. The once colourful Thumbergia and fuchsia are now only stems and dead vines. Next doors Prunus is still in full flower. The fish pond water is now so clear that you can see right down to the bottom and check on the health of all the fishes. At this time of the year I can see the Tenches that I normally do not see. I am now waiting for the Cyclamen to start flowering in the cool conservatory. The Angels Fishing Rod flowering stalks contrasts well with the new foliage coming through.

Thumbergia109 Prunus109 Fishes109 Cyclamen109 Angelsfishrod109
It is now the 13th of January and the Acasia has started to bloom. In a weeks time it will be a mass of these small, bright, yellow, pom-pom flowers. Inside the house on the window ledge the Orchids have started to flower. One of the first is this hybrid Lady's Slipper. The Phalanopsis are sending up their flower stalks and in the cool conservatory the Strelitzia is also sending up some flowering buds. The grapevine is now almost completely pruned, but there are still some branches that needs pruning. Now is a good time to prune and get ready for the next years growth.

Acasia109 Newyorkjack109 Phalanopsis109 Strilitzia109 Grapevine109

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