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This page as updated on 29th December 2008

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There are several plants that are about to flower or are still in flower. One that will look spectacular in late January is the Acasia, which is covered in flower buds. The Winter Jasmine is also flowering now, I am amazed at this trailing Rosemary as after a short break in July it is continuing to flower even at this bleak time. The Boxus is about to come into full bloom, still with berries from last year. The Bougainvillea still has flowers under its bubble-wrap.

Acasia1208 Winjasmin1208 Rosemary1208 Boxus1208 Bourgainvilla1208
At this time of the year the snails and slugs are hiding from the cold and frost. Therefore the Acanthus is not predated on and looks great. The birds have not as yet started to eat the berries of the Cotonester. As technology continues to produce new products one of which is these lights which I can hang over the leafless Wisteria and when it gets dark they liven up the garden and they are not too expensive and I will have them for years. The conservatory is now stuffed full with plants overwintering until the frost season is over. As I now have several Ornithogallum I am leaving a couple outside to see how hardy they are.

Acanthus1208 Cottenester1208 Ligjts1208 Conservatory1208 Ornitogallum1208jpg
It is now late December and already the compost has reduced already. The pond water is very clear at this time of the year and is a good time to examine fishes in the pond. In my next door's garden the prunus is in full flower. Last year this tree continued to flower until March. The thin leaved Clivia is flowering now in the conservatory. The hardy Cyclamin is providing colour now in late December.

Compostbinb1208 Fishpond1208 Prunus1208 Clivia1208 Cyclamen1208
This is the time of the year when everyone feels the lack of light and get SAD (Seasonal Associated Disorder) all due to the little sunlight we receive this time of the year. I am no different and being so busy with this and that that I neglect the garden. I have left the leaves on the ground so long that it almost killed off the lawn and I will have to reseed it next spring. So on the 6th of December I went out when some sunshine was available. As I have already dug up most of the plants I was taking inside it was mucky, wet and cold, but I managed to shred most of the plant materials and put it in the compost bin ready to form compost for the garden next year. The bits I could not shred like the Nastursums I put in whole as they will rot down quickly. If I put them in the shredder in the frosted state they will only clog the shredder. The compost bin is full to the brim and the rest of the shreddings went on the garden as a mulch. The worms, slugs, snails etc. etc. will dispose of it and take it down into the soil. Clear polycarbonate sheeting and bubble-wrap are used to cover the plants that needs some protection and can stay outside. At this time of the year the Ivies really come into their own providing greenery where there would be none and this is what makes the extra work keeping them in control during the year worth it.

Shredder1208 Compostbin1208 Frostcover1208 Backgardenlawn1208 Ivy1208

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