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This page as updated on 30th June 2008

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Well its the 30th of June and this is the first time I have had to update my blog. Every waking moment I have been dealing with garden related matters and getting the garden ready for this year show on the 20th and 27th of July. This year I have been hit very hard by the cold, wet weather we have recently experienced. Many of my semi-tropical and tropical plants, like the bougainvilla have not started flowering as yet and my Cup and Saucer plant that usually reach the roof died at the roots. I kept wondering why it had not produced any shoots, but the stems were green. I now know why. I have had to put baskets and bags all the way up the front of the house to the roof. This was made easy by the fixings I had put up for the climber. Everyone so far has said that it looks good. It should look even better on the day of the show. The Hollyhock this year is pink and I am sure it the same plant that was white last year. The bat plant is still pushing up buds and I hope it will have fresh flowers on show day. The back garden is also finally coming into shape. The loganberries and strawberries has done well this year.

Front608 Hollyhocks608 Bougainvilla608 Back608 Batplant608
I have many disasters over the past few months one that I thought I would not be able to fix was the slight leak in the jacuzzi, but my shop where I buy most of my parts supplied me with some "radweld for pools" called "Goodby Leaks". It certainly did the the job. I wasn't looking forward to digging under the pool again. My Acer suffered badly due to drying out I did not want to water with tap water, so I left off the automatic watering system and did not water it enough for that first unexpected sunny day in June. The Grevellia is still flowering. I bought these two Anisodonthea as they fill a gap in the garden caused by the near death of one of my Hibiscus rosa sinensis.

Jacuzzi608 Acer608 Grevillea608 Anisodonthea_hybrid608 Anisodonthea_capensis608
The Sedum on the tree trunk has finally flowered. The Bougainvillea's was left outside covered in bubble wrap and has survived well, but has not started to flower as yet.I had a lot of slug and snail damage because I did not spray the plants when I put them in. Some Petunias in the Ivy was so decimated that I had to replace them. Here the Dahlia has suffered badly, but will recover in time for the show. The day lilies has finally put in a show and should be flowering on the day of the show. After about 11 months of continually flowering this trailing rosemary has stopped flowering and is producing new growth.

Sedum608 Dahlia608 Daylily608 Ephyphillum608 Rosemary608
I saw this variety of Hibiscus, with a flower one foot across, at San Fransisco Botanic Gardens greenhouse and I just had to have one myself. So when I saw this one I just had to buy it. Does any one knows the name of this plant. I was given it by my friend Dicon who aslo does not know what it is. It seems to be a plant that grows on rocky hillside due to the way the roots grow. After about five years of no growth I finally persuaded my Cycad to produce new leaves by giving it some bottom heat over the winter. I feel so chuffed as I thought that I had lost it. The Glory lily is about to flower, but the Hoya has not started to produce any flowers ao far and I doubt that it will do so in time for the show on the 20th and 27th July.

Hibiscus608 Unknown2608 Unknown1608 Cycad608 Glorylily608
The Vanda orchid is still in flower I hope it will be in flower on the day of my open garden. The Strilitzia has just finished flowering. It is about two months late.The Australian Bottle Brush is still in its second flowering for the year. The Epyphillum flowered at the beginning of the month. The Tolmiea menziesii also gave a display of these delicate flowers.

Vanda608 Strilitzia608 Ephyphillum608 Ausbbrush608 Tolmiea608

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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