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This page as updated on 21st May 2008

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This month has been a catalogue of disasters for me. I went on holiday and came back to several disasters. The worst of which is th at I lost most of my large Koi carp fishes. Another big problem is that both my websites went down and I spent a mind bending month and a half getting it back up and running. Therefore the garden has been put on the back burner until today when I hope to have this blog nearly finish. The garden has looked after itself all this time. The Australian Bottle Brush has continued to enlarge its buds in preparation for flowering, My wisteria has produced its first flowers since I acquired it about 10 years ago. The Apple is in full flower, The Pleone orchid is looking great. I have been a little disappointed with the Geranium p??? especially after the Geranium Maderense gave such a massive display.

Austbbrush408 Wisteria408 Apple508 Pleone408 Germad408
I have only one Protea flower which has been getting larger since at least November, Last years Verbena are coming back after the winter. At the moment they are a little worse for wear, but will spread larger than last year,I have bought two different Grevillea for the garden the flowers are unusual. The Sedum has not flowered as yet and I am not sure if it will this year.

Protea408 Verbena408 Grevillear408 Grevilleaj408 Sedum408
This month I am playing catch up as my websites have been down the last month and a half. The Corydalis flexeosus is now in full flower after growing through the winter,The wallflowers are in full bloom, Ther woodland Phlox has started to flower, The thyme is also in full flower, And the Dandilions are sending their seeds to everywhere to become weeds.

Corydalis408 Wallflowers408 Woodphlox408 Tyme408 Dandilion408

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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