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This page as updated on 29th February 2008

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This month I have been very lax witht he garden as I have been developing a personal website, which is nearly finished. It is called garden is in a state at the moment as I have only done a little work in the garden. The Christmas Cactus has finally flowered. The Hycinths are still filling the house with sweet scent. The Nectarine tree is in full flower and every day I have to pollinate it. After ten years my plum tree that I am growing in a pot has finally flowered.The Orchids in the front room is still flowering. I must remember to visit the Orchid show in London in March.

Christmascactus208 Hycinthb208 Plum208 Nectarineb208 Orchids208
It is now Febuary and who needs air freshner when you can have the real thing from nature. I bought some Hycinth bulbs a few weeks ago and they are now in flower in the hallway as you enter the house. The sweet smelling scent permeats all the house.The Crocuses are now up and giving a good display. The tiny flowers of the Hazelnuts are also out. I hope for some hazelnuts later in the year. The flowers of the Nectarine are about to burst open. THe peaches usually flower at the same time, but I think being in a pot the nectarine has warmed up more quickly than the peach. I will soon have to get my pollinating brush out. The Clivia has started to push its flowering buds up therefore I have started to water and feed it. ................

Hycinth208 Crocus208 Hazelnut208 Nectarine208 Clivia208

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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