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This page as updated on 3rd November 2007

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I am trying out these hardy Cyclamen where the marigold was . I have replanted many different bulbs under these plants and in the spring I expect Hycinths, Crocus, Daffodils and Allium to come through in succession. The Angels Trumpets are giving a late flush of flowers. The Bay and the Ivy are in flower. The Red hot poker has a flower head this late in the year.

Cyclamen1007 Angeltwhite1007 Bayivy1007 Redpoker1007 Sp
The Tropaeolum tuberosum has finally started to flower. At the front Gladiolus callianthus and Nerine bowdendii alba are in flower. This is unusually late for this flower, but is probably due to the unusual cold wet summer. We have had a high pressure sitting over the British Isles for the past week and the evenings and night are getting very cold, almost down to frost. I have started to get ready for winter by setting up the cloche over the Agave and the umbrella over the Tree Fern. I have now brought inside the Vasse plant that ususally lives under the Tree Fern's fronds. The Arum Italicum is coming up through the Hostas which is dying down for the winter.

Nastursumtub1007 Nerine1007 Umbrella1007 Cloche1007 Italicum1007
Most of the Fuchsia are still in flower. So is the Geranium roxanne. The Bougainvilla is still full of flowers, but I am unhappy as its leaves did not grow as well as normal. The marigolds had past their best and I decided to pull the up and plant my bulbs early. I have replaced them with winter flowering pansies. The Michaelmas daisies have pushed themselves up as usual and are giving a good display at this time of year. The Vigna caracalla has only recently started to flower. It took a long time to recover from last winter.

Fuchsia1007 Bougainvilla1007 Marigold1007 Michaelmas1007 Vigna1007
Now that the weather is turning cold (mid October) the Begonia sutherlandii is starting to shut down and producing small bulbils in the stem axis. One plant that has proved excellent for shade is the Begonia Rex. Here it is under the Wisteria and giving a good display. The various Dahlias are producing excellent blooms. The Everlasting Peas has died down and as I had to find a place for the now compulsary recycling, this has given me an excuse to plant bulbs in the raised bed. The Strawberies have produce many runners which has been potted up using some string and plastic pots. In the same tray as the strawberries is the monkey plant which is now in flower.

Sutherlandii1007 Begonia1007 Dahlia1007 Recycle1007 Strawberry1007
The Achmea is gradually pushing out its flowers. The Pink, Yellow and the White Brugmansias are putting on its final show for the year. The Stags Horn Fern seems to love its dunk in the fish pond and is growing well. The Orchids are still flowering. They started flowering in June. So too is the Stephanotus is still flowering.

Achmea1007 Brugmansia1007 Stephanotus1007 Stag1007 Orchid1007
I have decided to do 12 blogs a year and update the blog through the month mainly as a weekly basis. This is the first week that I have started to do this. I have therefore renamed the week to blog___ The last two numbers refer to the year. In the garden these Salvias are still flowering well so too are many of the other plants like the Iochroma cyanea, which is now about ten feet tall and Abutilons. The ginger lilies are giving a magnificient display so too are the nastursums. The front garden is sill looking good with little attention.

Salvia1007 Iochroma1007 Abutioln1007 Ginger1007 Frgarden1007

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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