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This page as updated on 25th March 2007

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This time of the year is busiest for the garden. It is the time to start bringing out some of the plants that were brought in for protection and tidying up last years dead plants. Because of the mild winter that have just past I am taking a chance by putting outside some of the hardier plants like the Tree Fern, Angel Trumpets, Kahali Ginger and others. It is the time when I have to plan and start planting seeds for the July public show. In the roads around the garden the ornamental Cherries,and camelias are in full flower. This is early for these plants and is due to the mild winter we have had. In the garden the Forsythia and Clematis Armandii is also in full flower. (Click on the pictures below) The Forsythia flowers on last years growth and as I had to prune it late in the year it has not produced a mass of flowers as it should.

Cherrytree1 Cherrytree2 Camelia307 Forsythia307 Clemathis307
The garden is in an absolute mess as I tidy, prune, split, repot, spread compost from the compost bin and remove most of the bubble rap or sheeting I used to wrap several plants.The last storms of winter did some minor damage especially to the protection for the plants, like the giant umbrella I use to help protect the Tree Fern from frost. Most of the prunings have been shredded ready to add to the compost bin. In another three months I will have another lot of compost for the garden. With the new shredding and other garden waste I add some Grota or other compost accelerator. I also add some of the compost and worms from below. This speeds the composting and allows several batches per year. Several perennials like the Cannas, Acanthus and Kahail Ginger needs to be split up and repotted (see pictures below). Some of these will be sold as plants on the day of the show for the charity.

Cannaacanthus307 Kahali307 Chipper307 Compost307 Umbrella307
One surprise was a Bourgainvilla, which I left outside under some bubblewrap, survived the snow and winter with all its leaves intact. My main one which I bring indoors almost immediately dropped most of its leaves. I wonder how this one will do this year. The Bird Of Paridise has sent out its first petal and a Green Goddess Calla Lily is in flower. It was removed from the pond and brought indoors and is now back in the pond. The Iris in the pond has been chopped back and the ofcuts will form new plants.It is a good time to look at the fishes as the water has not yet start to turn green, due to the increase light. A good check on the fishes to check for signs of desease etc.

Bourgainvilla307 Birdofpar307 Greengoddess307 Iris307 Fishes307
I bought this Aeonium last year and forgotton its name. It lives on the Tree Fern and is about to start flowering, so is the Pleione bulbocoidies and Geranium maderense. The Dragon Lily is shooting up early and is already over 12 inches high. In an effort to produce lateral side shoots and produce many more flowering tips. The leaders of the Solandra maxima was pruned and the cuttings places in water some 3 to 4 weeks ago. The roots are well developed and they are ready for potting on.

Aeonium307 Pleione307 Dragon307 Solandra307 Germader307
Other plants that are in flower are the Heleborous, Hycinths, Oxalis, Woodland Phlox and Daffodils shown below.

Woodphlox307 Daf307 Oxalis307 Hycinths307 Helebore307

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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