Jokename:---> Jamaicans, don'tcha juss luv em

Author: Unknown

Genre: Racial

Rating: 6

Description: A shightly racial steriotype


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You just have to love Jamaicans!

Leroy from Port Antonio always wanted to look cool.
His friend told
him that he needed a good designer pair of sneakers to go with his
Leroy saved up all his pay slips and all the money he
got back from returning his empty bottles of Red Stripe and finally
managed to get himself a pair of brilliant white sneakers to go with
his sweat-suit.


Proudly, he strutted down the street calling out to all the passers
by, "See mi new sneakers dem? Cool, eh?"
One fine upstanding
gentleman pointed out that they were indeed a fine pair of sneakers,
but young Leroy had a lace undone.
Leroy scornfully retorted that it
was part of being cool to have a trailing lace, and that on the
bottom of the sneakers there were instructions for the wearer to
only have one lace tied.

When asked for proof of this instruction, Leroy took off his
Sneakers and held it upside down for the disbeliever to read.

"See it deh! It seh "TAIWAN".

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