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I had just cleaned up the garden then more prunings to shred. Ivy and Buddleja will take over a small garden if left to its own devices. After pruning they will look rather shoddy, but by the time of my show in June they will have clothed themselves again and look splendid. The Ivy cuttings produce very good compost material as its stems are soft and shred easily. The Buddleja is a little harder, but also shreds easily. The amount of compost that these types of plants produce justifies its inclusion in most gardens. They are also bringing nutrients from deep in the soil which would otherwise be lost. This is one reason why my garden used very little fertilizer and improves in quality every year. A balance of deep rooting trees and plants helps any garden to keep its fertility.

Ivybuddleja309 Crocus309 Blackbird309 Roots309 Roof309

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