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I have now pruned this area of climbers like Honeysuckle, Clematis , Passionflower and winter Jasmine. This is a yearly job if these climbers are not to take over the whole area. First I get under the climber and remove all the dead wood that has accumulated this reduces the climber by almost a half. Then I start to trim back the climber to the size I require. All the prunings will go through the shredder before I put them in the compost bin which will produce fresh compost to enrich the garden in about three to four months. At the moment this area looks a bit untidy, but by June, the date of my Open Day it will regenerate to full glory. Reducing these climbers also let much more light in allowing other plants to thrive.

Daffodills309 Pruning309 Ivy309 Dahlias309 Pheonix309

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