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The Lloyd's TSB Garden, designed by Trevor Tooth and sponsored by Lloyds TSB, represents an area of garden that was once a pond. This area has been transformed into an area of inspiration with bright colours, plants and architecture, evoking memories of travels throught the world. The garden is surrounded by a 2m (6.5ft) high wall painted black and red. The wall will give protection to some of the more tender varieties of plants. The garden is connected by an oak pathway suspended above the planting, linking circular concrete platforms that are designed to allow visitors to the garden the opportunity to pause on their journey through it. Travelling into the garden, the visitor reaches a curtain of water, which leads to a platform suspended over a pond with bubble jets to give the water movement and life. On this platform, the visitor can shelter from rain or sun under Venus - a metal sculptured folly inspired by a Venus fly trap and made of steel and Perspex. The planting in the garden is an eclectic mix of plants giving different moods. Towards the front there are plants that grow predominantly in dry, sunny positions.

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