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This garden the Laurent-Perrier designed by Tom Stuart-Smith was deemed to be the best in show of the gardens. It was a worthy garden as regards the technical merit, but I think there was too much green and not enough flowers. The topiared trees certainly gave an impression of living in the tree tops and must have taken years to have reached this level of perfection. They certainly added much to the garden. The splash of white flowers contrasted well with the green of the leaves. The meandering pathways also added to this garden. The garden was designd as a contemplative space with a dreamy and slightly surreal character. It is meant as a garden of elegant understatement based on the idea of juxtaposing opposites. The garden has mostly square shaped objects seemingly randomly placed and softened by the plantings. Many separate patterns were used in this gardens design. A grove of 30-year-old hornbeams extends over the garden and pruned so that the foliage forms a number of rounded clouds, which seem to float in mid air. The paths are laid over the garden like a net. The paths eventually lead to a terrace at the back of the garden to a seating area. The square zinc tanks, which are placed throughout the garden. Designed by Andrew Ewing, they brim with water and appear to overflow. Zinc is also used in large panels to form the rear wall of the garden. The metal was chosen because it gave a cool blue-grey colouring that suits a contemplative green garden. The planting is designed to be calming with an emphasis on form and texture, rather than colour.

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