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The art of grape vine pruning is simple and should be done reguarly to get the best grapes. In the summer it is OK to prune the new growth, but not the old growth. Otherwise the vine will bleed sap and may even die in extreme cases. Therefore in Summer prune two leaves after the bunch of grapes has formed. it will regrow, but by that time most of the goodness is going into fruit making. Those branches without grapes can be pruned to about five leaves. In the winter each spur, formed from a bud that produced grapes the previous year, needs to be pruned back to two buds. In subsequent years the weaker branch formed from that spur is pruned out and the other branch is pruned to two buds. These buds will each produce two shoots each of which should produce a bunch of grapes. The process is repeated year after year. therefore each spur takes decades to grow too long. If this type of pruning is not carried out the vine willl run rampant and overtake the garden. Hope this helps.

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