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This is another one of my favourite of my many orchids. It is an air plant like the Tillansias and gets its nourishment from the air. It is one of the most difficult Orchids to repeat flower every year, especially as my house is centrally heated. Last year a couple of years ago I built a special atomiser that sprayed its roots ever hour which worked well until rust inside the canister started to stain the surroundings. I am now dipping the roots twice a day, for up to 20 minutes, in water then hanging it back up inside the house at the front bay window. Every few days I include some weak fertiliser. So far it seems to be working and it is thriving. I will revisit the atomiser solution when I have time.

Vandab0411 Oncidium0411 Orchid0411 Epiphyllum0411 Plione0411

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